About Mini Cuffs

Formed in 2018, Mini Cuffs is the culmination of a personal problem and an immediate solution. Managed by Meli Muñoz. Mini Cuffs was created to help make sure that nobody would need to put up with the same frustration as I did!

Our Vision & Mission

To help people really care for and pay attention to their own AirPods. We all love to be personalized in life and at Mini Cuffs it’s our vision to be the go-to choice for making your Mini Cuffs more personable and glamorous. We look to be the perfect starting pick when you want to make sure your Apple products feel well and truly your own.

Our mission, then, is to help you make the most of your precious AirPods. We believe that people choose our awesome AirPod mini cuffs as they:

Add an attentive sign of personal appeal to their products.

Make it easier to make a personal statement and turn your accessory into some jewelry.

Improve the overall look and shape of their AirPods.

Ensure you always have that piece of personalized jewelry with you at all times.

Remove any chance or doubt about someone else taking your AirPods instead.

Create a sense of self that further makes it easy to identify who you are.

My Story

We want you to feel good when you use Mini Cuffs and to feel like you are buying from a creative soul, not a company. My name is Meli, and my story is…

For me, my story began when I received my first AirPods as a birthday gift. As a teenage girl that wears them all day, I was ticked how the AirPods would dangle on my ears like a white Q-Tip. So, the longer I'd used them the more annoyed I got!

I spoke to some friends about this, and we all agreed that, as good as the AirPods are, they lacked a little…oomph. A touch of glamor. So, I spent the summer of '18 conjuring up some ideas on what I can place on the AirPods. The idea was to edit the design so that it can look as if I was wearing an earring. I finally found the materials, and, of course, with my dad’s help, I was able to find a manufacturer that was able produce my Mini Cuffs!

The story quickly came to be now, and now I’m immensely proud to be bringing my own touch of creative charm to the market. I'm totally excited to see this come to fruition and excited to share this with you. At the moment, I have so many designs that I wasn’t even sure where to start! For now, I will start with my first 5.

Thank you for your time and business. I look forward to make our AirPods more attractive without the Q-Tip look! If you are sick of that standard design, then take a look at what I have for you here: I’m sure you’ll be very satisfied indeed .

Happy Holidays and a Happy 2019!