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    How to Keep Earbuds from Falling Out.

    How to Keep Earbuds from Falling Out.

    The question right on your mind now is how to keep earbuds from falling out. The earbud is one of the most expensive phone accessories right now. It is fashionable, attractive, and of course, portable. In fact, most people love the Apple earbud due to its portability and ability to fit right in place.  

    Gone are those days of big, clunky, and heavy headphones with wires dangling from it here and there. Earbuds have entirely changed the way we wear and use headphones. With the new Apple earbud, you can easily and effortlessly connect with your device and enjoy handsfree services anywhere, anytime.

    These earbuds have a snug fitting feature that fits right into the ear canal and channel music, sounds, and other features directly into the ear. More so, this device blocks external noise and does not interfere with earrings, hats, helmets, glasses or other accessories.

    However, most earbud users face the problem of falling earbuds. Most users complain that the earbuds tend to fall out whenever they are on a motion or engage in activities. The issue can even become worse if the earbuds fall off and the owner is unaware. If you are looking for ways to keep your earbuds from falling out, here are the tips we have for you.

  • 1. Take care of your ear first.

  • Of course, human ears are not the same in size. While the ear of younger ones can be a little bit narrow, those of adult men are wider. Thus, the one-size-fits-one apple design may seem too big for young ones or too small for adults. While this is natural, the waxes inside the ear can contribute to the size of the ear. Try and clean up those waxes and try inserting the buds again.

  • 2. Place the earbuds properly.

  • Check the earbuds and be sure they are placed properly in the ear. Place the bud with “L” sign in the left ear and the one with “R” sign in the right ear.

  • 3. Use an earbud cover.

  • The apple earbud usually comes with a protective layer or cover. There are other third-party manufacturers that provide a few different cover materials of different sizes that can help you keep your earbuds fitted.

  • 4. Insert the buds properly.

  • To insert the apple earbuds, first pull the top of your ear with one finger in order to open up the ear’s aperture. While still holding this part up, place the earbud securely into the ear and release the held part. Repeat with the other side too. If it still doesn’t fit in, then try this

  • 5. Wear items that can force the earbud to stay fit

  • In case all of these techniques fail or you still find problem fitting your earbud, then you may consider using materials and protective covers that will help to keep the buds in place. Try headband or hat.

    Bottom Line

    The one-size-fits-all design of apple earbuds means that the earbuds may fit perfectly into some user’s ear and may not fit into others. If you have a problem fixing your bud in place and looking for how to keep your earbuds from falling out, the above tips will surely help you.

    Tips for making your Apple Airpods look like a Designer Piece.

    Tips for making your Apple Airpods look like a Designer Piece.

    Are you looking for the best Apple Airpods design for your new gadget? Look no further! In this article, we shall discuss the few tested and trusted ways to make your Apple Airpods look like a designer piece. The Apple wireless earbuds are tiny, expensive, and glossy little devices. There are many things you can do to make them outstanding.

  • 1. Electrical Tape

  • Electrical tape is an easy, non-permanent way of customizing your AIrpods. The tools you need include the precision knife, a ruler, a cutting surface, and some electrical tape. Use the ruler to measure the approximate length and breadth of the Airpod and cut along the tape using the knife. Cut along the circumference too. You can be a little bit creative with your design.

  • 2. RetroPods!

  • Another creative idea is to pack different colors of electrical tapes and position them along the Airpods. Cut them evenly and make them fit the stems of your Airpods. This will help you actualize your goal and aim of having a multi-colored electrical tape. Do note that you don’t have to go for a multi-colored electrical tape. You can try something new like zigzags, spots, etc.  

  • 3. Slickwraps

  • Slickwraps are known for their gorgeous vinyl wraps for electronic devices and they just started producing wraps for Airpods. Although the wrap doesn’t totally cover the Airpods, it instead adds a nice accent to your little earbuds. There are generally over 40 options available meaning a wide array of options to choose from. In fact, you might face some paralysis of choice before making a choice.

  • 4. ColorWare

  • ColorWare is another popular company known for customizing electronics with color. The company recently announced it would start offering custom-color Apple Airpods. With more than 50 colors in the plan, you can start to imagine the endless options that will be available in the next few weeks. Meanwhile, ColorWare will also paint the existing Airpods together with their case. Therefore, you will be open to different Apple Airpods design.  

  • 5. BlackPods

  • Another company in the line is the BlackPods. BlackPods says it will give your Airpod and Airpod case a glossy jet black look. While the ColorWare promises a different array of colors, BlackPods simply focuses on Black color alone. Once you get your new pair of Airpod, you can easily send it to the BlackPods for painting. The only issue here is that this company does not have the proven track of the record, unlike ColorWare.

    How about you?

    Still looking for more Apple Airpods Design options? You can always be creative with your style and design. All the design ideas are started and innovated by some people and you can also be the pioneer of yours. Have you customized yours in another way or have another design tip? Feel free to share using the comment box below.

    5 things Apple Airpod do better than others.

    5 things Apple Airpod do better than others.

    The new apple airpods have been top of the news over the past few months. Many people have tried to decipher the differences between the Apple airpods accessories and other brands. The truth, however, remains that there are several things Apple airpod accessories do better than others. Discussed below are five big features that differentiate Apple's airpods from others.

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